Author name: Rita Ferrone

Rita Ferrone is an award-winning writer and speaker on issues of liturgy and renewal in the Roman Catholic Church. She is a former parish and diocesan RCIA director and served for more than 20 years as a team member with the North American Forum on the Catechumenate. Rita is author of the monograph On the Rite of Election (LTP), and co-author of the Foundations in Faith series for RCIA teams (RCL). Her commentary on the liturgical reforms of Vatican II, Liturgy: Sacrosanctum Concilium (Paulist), is used in teaching worldwide. Rita is a blogger here and at Pray Tell, and a columnist at Commonweal Magazine. She also edits The Yale ISM Review, a publication of the Yale Institute of Sacred Music. She lives in Mount Vernon, New York.

Keeping the Easter Season: Help your RCIA team “live into” the liturgical year

Catechists for initiation know well that they need to introduce newcomers to the fullness of the Christian calendar. Yet, depending on their own formation, they may not really “live into” the liturgical year very deeply themselves. If this is the case, the presentation of the liturgical year, despite good intentions, may be fairly weak. It’s …

Keeping the Easter Season: Help your RCIA team “live into” the liturgical year

Evangelization in the News

The Washington Post has published a feature article on a local campaign for “the new evangelization” in Washington DC. Targeting strategies for face-to-face witness and invitation, the Archdiocese is seeking especially to mobilize young Catholics to share their faith. The campaign seeks to overhaul the concept of evangelization to something built for 2013, more subtle …

Evangelization in the News

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